Firm Foundation Discipleship Program

Next Step Classes

These are for new believers, those who have made a recommitment to Christ, or for those new to Calvary Houston. The classes are condensed to four one-hour classes, with each one covering a point in our Church Vision: Worship, Win, Disciple, and Send. This 4-week class starts quarterly.  Click on the registration button below to see the next start date.


To worship God, it is important to know Him, so the first half of the class will be about our beliefs in who and what God is. The second half will be both how we personally worship God and how we at Calvary Houston corporately worship God. We believe worship should be spiritual, inspirational, and from our hearts. Therefore, we give worship a primary place in our services.


Jesus has done an amazing thing for us when He died on the Cross and paid for our sins. We will understand why He had to go to the Cross and the many ways for us to tell others of His work of matchless grace. We believe it is essential to win the lost for Christ. Therefore, we pray continually that God might use us as a soul winning church.


We have a commission from God to disciple others for Christ, Matthew 28:18 – 20. We will discover what a disciple is and how to become a mature disciple, as well as, how we can help others to become a disciple of Christ. We teach through the Bible line upon line, precept upon precept, in order that the church might grow up into maturity and affect the world around us.


God calls some people to be sent out to be a missionary in a foreign land, but for most He wishes to send us to our neighbors with love and the plan of salvation. In this class we will talk about how we can be used by God no matter where we are sent. We believe the church should reach outside its borders to others around us, even to the ends of the world.