Firm Foundation Discipleship Program
Next Step Classes

In this class, new believers will receive foundational teaching on key topics such as salvation, prayer, fellowship, and the importance of daily Bible reading. Through biblically-grounded lessons and interactive discussions, participants will also have the opportunity to grow in their relationships with God, ensuring they have a strong and lasting foundation in Christ.


Additionally, the new believer’s class is designed to provide essential teachings for those returning to their faith. Participants will strengthen their relationship with Christ and build a solid foundation for maturing in the Christian faith.


Lastly, those new to Calvary Houston will gain a solid foundation in their faith, review core ministry philosophy, and learn how they can get involved in serving and growing within the church community.


The classes are condensed to four one-hour classes, with each one covering a point in our church vision: worship, win, disciple, and send. This 4-week class begins quarterly and there is no cost to attend. Click on the registration button below to see the next start date.


Next Class Begins Sunday August 4th