Pastor Ron has just published a new book: “The Ten (not suggestions!) Commandments.” 

God’s Top Ten are so practical and relevant for today. God teaches us that what we learn in the home equates to how we respond to others in society. That possessions never bring satisfaction. That a lack of rest brings stress. And many other principles.

In short, God calls us to build a strong foundation, and what could be more foundational and essential than the Ten Commandments? 

The study follows the current series that we have been studying as a church. Each chapter covers one of the Ten Commandments, the direct commands (not suggestions!) from the Lord for a healthy, spiritual life. 

This book is an excellent resource for anyone to develop a deeper relationship with God!

Imagine if God came first before everything else? If children honored their mothers and fathers, and if we took a Sabbath rest each week as God instructed? The world would be a different place if the Ten Commandments were given a priority in our lives!

A great addition to any library, you can get your copy of “The Ten Commandments” at or just click on the button below.  Oh, and by the way, each book will come with a free study guide!

*** All profits go to Calvary Houston Missions.