Men's Conference 2017

The moment we give our lives to Christ, we are thrust into a spiritual battle. It has been said that the Christian life is not a playground, but a battlefield. How true! Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes this truth.

One of Satan's most effective strategies is to keep believers ignorant of his schemes. He disguises himself in order that we do not recognize what is actually taking place on the spiritual battlefield all around us.

This year, the Men's Conference at Calvary Houston is all about how Christian men can arm themselves for the spiritual battle we face every day! God desires every man to be a "Man Of War!" Let's arm ourselves for the spiritual battle in which we fight.

Join us Saturday, March 4, as we train in God's Word. Guest speakers include: Rick Coburn, Terry Michaels, Rod Carver, Bill Gehm, and Mike Robertson. 

The conference is free; however, we ask that you register online. Registration is open now!
We hope to see you there!

Rick Coburn (Calvary Chapel Plano)

rickPastor Rick was saved through the ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He attended there 11 years prior to coming to Dallas, and it was there that God prepared him for ministry.

His preparation included teaching home Bible studies and heading a ministry to Mexico which consisted of collecting and distributing food and clothing on a monthly basis to Mexican villages and orphanages.

Pastor Rick is married and has three grown children.

Rod Carver (Calvary Chapel of the Coastlands)

RodCarverIn the fall of 1995, Rod and Noreen Carver began praying about where the Lord might lead them. Rod had served as youth minister to high school and college students at Calvary Chapel of Chino Valley in California for over 5 years, the last 3 years as a full time staff minister.

By December of 1995 the possibilities had narrowed and their prayers began to focus on Corpus Christi. As a college student Rod backslid and just before graduating he rededicated his life to the Lord at a surf contest on Padre Island.

Eight years had passed without a thought of returning but when push came to shove, God wanted them in Corpus Christi. A visit in the summer of 1996 confirmed that God would move them to South Texas.

Bill Gehm (Grace Church, Amarillo)

Bill2Pastor Bill has been the Senior Pastor of Grace Church, Calvary Chapel Amarillo, since 1985. Bill’s number one focus has always been to feed God’s people with God’s word.

Bill and his wife Cindy have been married for over 35 years and they have 3 grown children, as well as 6 grandchildren.

He enjoys various outdoor activities such as riding his motorcycle, camping, and working in the yard with his wife. His greatest hobby is reading the Word of God.

Ron Hindt (Calvary Houston)

Ron HindtRon Hindt is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Houston. Born and raised in southern California, he spent several years as a rock musician in the Hollywood/LA area.

In 1980, Pastor Ron joined Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Pastor Chuck Smith. He later served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills, California for several years.

Pastor Ron moved to Houston and founded Calvary Houston in 1991.The vision of Calvary Houston is to Worship the Lord, Win the Lost, Disciple the Saints, and Send the Equipped.

He and his wife, Yani, have a blended family with three grown children, two adopted children together, and two grandchildren.

Terry Michaels (Calvary Chapel Austin)

TerryMichaelsTerry Michaels joined the Calvary Austin family in January 2010. Terry also planted Calvary Chapel of the Springs in San Marcos, Texas, where he served as senior pastor for over twelve years.  Prior to coming to Texas, Terry spent many years in youth ministry.

He served as youth pastor at Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany and at Calvary Chapel San Bernardino in Southern California. Terry loves to write and has four books published.

His wife, Christy, has been the wind beneath his wings for the past thirty years. They are blessed with two daughters and a granddaughter.

Mike Robertson (Calvary Chapel West Houston)

MikeRobertsonMike committed his life to the Lord in 1998 in Phoenix Arizona at the age of 28. As a professional baseball player, Mike had previously been employed by seven different professional baseball teams for ten seasons.

With the blessing of their home church, Mike and his wife, Tanya, and their children, moved from Las Vegas Nevada to Houston, Texas in 2002 to plant a Calvary Chapel.

Mike enjoys fly-fishing and surfing, and his favorite scripture from the Bible is Matthew 11:28:30.